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Adult Medical Day Care Services

Comfort Life Care has trained on-site caregivers that provide assistance with medication management, stimulating activities, socialization and much more.

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Adult Medical Day Care

Ongoing Care

Meal Preparation

Scheduled Activities

About Us

About Comfort Life Care

Adult Medical Day Care
Comfort Life Care is  located in Elkridge Maryland, and provides premium adult medical day care services that are dedicated to helping individuals live a healthy and fulfilled life. Comfort Life Care is designed for older adults to have the opportunity to stay in their community and receive the treatment and support they need. We provide our patients with ongoing medical care, transportation, healthy meals, and daily activities tailored to each patient’s needs. We have professionally trained caretakers for adults who suffer from Alzheimer’s, Dementia, Depression and other geriatric issues. Our goal is to create a program that gives patients proper treatment, support and a sense of belonging.
You won’t find a more prepared, attentive and caring team than the Comfort Life Care team. Our fully trained staff and certified professionals provide exceptional care for our patients and make sure each one gets the treatment and attention they need. Staff consist of a Licensed RN, Licensed Social Worker, Certified Nursing Assistants, Registered Dietitian and an On-call Therapist. When you are at Comfort Life Care, know that you are in very good hands and there is always someone there when you need it.

Our Philosophy

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide premier adult medical day care and services that help individuals live a healthy and fulfilled life.


We want to create an environment that gives our patients and guests the emotional and physical support they need to live a quality life.


Commitment – As health care
professionals, we put our patients first and commit to helping them improve one day at a time.

Support – We work with individuals on the improvement of their mental and physical health and help them achieve their goals.

Community – With our support,
knowledge and sense of family, we build an environment that allows our patients to feel welcome and have a sense of belonging.

The Best Adult Medical Day Care in Maryland

Comfort Life Care is proud to offer a unique medical day care solution to seniors that we consider one of the greatest values in adult medical day care today. We’re more than just medical care–we’re Comfort Life Care.

Our Features

Adult Day Care trips

Adult Medical Day Care

Designed for older adults to have the opportunity to stay in their community and receive the treatment and support they need.
Adult Medical Day Care

Ongoing Care

Trained and skilled caregivers provide assistance with all activities of daily living.
Meal Preparation for Adults

Meal Preparation

Our certified dietician works with the staff on providing cohesive and healthy meals.
Adult Medical Day Care

Scheduled Activities

Patients stay active and aware with numerous fun and interactive activities.

“Our promise as an adult medical day care center is to build strong community values while providing professional expertise and exceptional services”

Comfort Life Care

Our Services

We provide a variety of services that give our patients the care and attention they deserve.


Comfort Life Care proudly accepts Medicare for patients and accepts forms of private payment (ex. Cash, Check or Credit Card). Please contact billing at info@comfortlifecare.com or call 410-796-1188.

7320 Roosevelt Blvd, Elkridge MD 21075

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